Wednesday, 27 April 2016

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Meet the girls from "MADE by Pammy and Gurveen"

I was planning a destination wedding at Moon Palace in Cancun in January this year, when I met these two incredibly talented women, Pammy and Gurveen!

When I walked into the bride's room the evening before her first event, I heard chatter and laughter coming from inside, and I walked in to find Pammy and Gurveen working their magic on our client Sweetie! She was relaxed and really enjoying her time with them, I assumed that they must have been friends for a long long time! Later on Sweetie (my bride) told me that was actually the second time they met! The first meeting was simply to engage their services and she hadn't even done a trial with them!  This to me personifies what a wedding industry professional should make their clients feel.

I am so excited to feature them on our blog today, where they are answering a few questions, along with a few snapshots of their work!

Here's what we asked them!

1.) What trends are you seeing for Destination Wedding hair and makeup?

      Softer, effortless looks are trending right now for destination weddings. Neutral eyeshadows paired with dewy/bronzy skin look amazing at events on the beach. Braids or loosely curled and pinned up hair are very popular for destination brides. Keeping the hair and makeup looks natural and relaxed are key for any beach bride!

2.) Any TIPS for Destination Wedding Brides?

      We have MANY tips for destination brides but most commonly we recommend that our brides get outfits that are easy to wear and move in. If you're struggling in your outfit or sweating buckets because of the heat you won't be enjoying yourself very much. Keep it light... you can always play up any outfit with jewelry or hair/makeup!

3.)Your favourite Destination Wedding Story!

    Once we had a destination wedding bride fully ready with her hair/makeup done. She was zipping up her blouse from the side and the zipper got stuck! Usually one of us can get it zipped up with some force but this time, it wouldn't budge! At this point she was minutes away from the event starting. She suggested safety pinning it but we knew it would look awkward. Luckily we had our sewing kits with us and had to sew her into her blouse! When we came back to her room after the event, we had to cut the seams to get her out of her blouse! After that lesson we won't ever be leaving our sewing kits behind. We always prepare ourselves for the worst!  


We thoroughly enjoyed working with them on Sweetie's destination wedding and we look forwarding to working on many many more Destination Weddings with these two beauty queens!

Contact info for MADE by Pammy and Gurveen:
phone: (403) 613-7333
instragram: madebypg

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