Monday, 22 February 2016

5 Destination Wedding "Save the Date" Ideas

We’ve decided on a destination! We’ve decided on a resort! How do we let our guests know in a fun and exciting way that we’d love to have them attend our special day?
Gone are the days when mom and dad visited every guest’s house with mithai (indian sweets) and paper cards and invited them personally to attend the wedding. Well, mom and dad may still do that, but we want a convenient yet fun and unique way to invite our guests. Here are a few great options we found online.
1. Luggage Tags
We absolutely love the idea of Destination Wedding “Save the Dates” that let guests know they are invited to travel without them having read a word! The luggage tags are an automatic allusion to travel and they can be designed exactly the way you want them to be. Have as much, or as little detail as you want on them. Make them as elaborate or simple as you please, these luggage tags are homemade and convey the message quite beautifully!
2. The Boarding Pass

The boarding pass “Save the Date” is fun and unique to Destination Weddings because it’s an instant indicator of travel and fun! Your guests will have absolutely no doubt in their mind that there is travel involved and a unique “Save the Date” card like this is bound to elicit an overwhelming response from your guests!

3. A Passport

What’s the first thing you check when planning a trip? Your Passport! What a fun and great idea to get your guests excited about attending your destination wedding! Once again, this “Save the Date”, leaves no room for doubt in my mind, I’m going to be travelling somewhere far and exotic, and I’m going to have a fantastic time!

4. A Postcard

A postcard is a fun, travel-inspired way to let your guests know you are heading somewhere exotic to exchange your vows. They are simple and easy to design and print! Postcards hold a nostalgic and eternal feeling of the old world, when we actually used to send snail-mail. Old-world Romantics will definitely enjoy this.

5. The Fridge Magnet

The Fridge Magnet has made numerous appearances in many weddings as a “Save the Date” staple. It’s an easy reminder and it’s in a place that your guests will see it numerous times a day. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, icrecream break etc). Our recommendation? Pick something related to the destination – there is nothing like this gorgeous picture of the sea, sun and sand, to remind them about how much fun they could be having at your beach wedding!
The bottom line is your “Save the Dates” are your first clue-in to your guests that they are going to be expected to travel to attend your special day! Make it fun and uniquely you!

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